Adapia d’Errico: Breaking free from the life you thought you wanted.

Like most people, Adapia spent early adulthood, checking off the boxes. Travel, marriage, career, until one day the weight of the life she grew up thinking she wanted, began to feel as though the walls were falling in, which she recounts in her viral Goalcast video that has been viewed more than 12 million times.

On this episode of The Smile Effect, Apadia discusses the truth behind that edited video, the backlash and how she has grown from that fateful moment that changed her life entirely.

We dive deep into the girl she thought she was, the life she thought she wanted and what it takes to break free from what society says we’re suppose to do and live the life that is calling out for us.

In this episode you will hear Apadia’s voice but she’s telling the story of millions of people who have suffered and are still suffering around the world. This isn’t an episode about divorce, it’s an episode about finding your true self and believing in your own self worth.

To connect with Adapia: Real Wealth Real Health Podcast

Instagram @adapiaderrico @realwealthrealhealth

Until next time…..let’s do our part in creating the smile effect!

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