Elijah Desmond: Overcoming your limiting beliefs

Elijah Desmond is a best selling author, serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

Growing up, Elijah struggled with identity and “fitting in” in a blended multi-racial family, being pulled out of class to attend the “special classes”, and public ridicule by a person he trusted……. his teacher.

Instead of letting life’s challenges hold him back, he used them to push even harder. At the age of 31 he has become a pioneer in the dental industry, started 11 companies and has created one of the most sought after continuing education courses on the planet called, Smiles at Sea.

Elijah now travels the world sharing his message to professionals as well as high school students in the hopes they too will realize they have a beautiful mind.

For for information or to reach out to Elijah for speaking engagements, you can connect with him at:
Elijah http://drivendentalmarketing.com
Smile at Sea: http://smilesatsea.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Motivation501
Website: https://www.elijahdesmond.com/

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