When rock bottom becomes your solid foundation

In this episode, Jamie tells us how she found herself through two failed marriages, being a single mother of two girls, one with spina-bifida, bankruptcy and the loss of a child to suicide. Jamie now coaches others on working through the darkness so they can live their ideal life.

Jamie Freitag-Dooley, RDH, BIS is a certified life coach who specializes in program development and written goal setting (Manifesto writing). Jamie has coached hundreds of people toward inspired action, through clarity and authenticity in their careers and lives. If you know there is something more for your life but you just can’t pinpoint it, Jamie can help you work through that.

click here for the full audio episode https://soundcloud.com/user-76630675/episode2-jamie-dooley-how-to-move-forward-when-your-world-has-completely-fallen-apart

Youtube https://youtu.be/mwj2yLWZPcw

You can connect with Jamie at http://www.jamiedooley.com

Facebook at Jamie Freitag Dooley

instagram @jamieismycoach

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