Ryan Long: From Welfare to Philanthropist

Ryan Long tells us how he went from growing up in the ghettos of Los Angeles, California to partnering with the worlds most recognized names.
Ryan is the founder of the nonprofit organization, City Gala which is advancing community through humanitarian activities and events. The purpose of the gala is to assist startup, charitable organizations gain access to funds and awareness. The City Gala has featured speakers and honorees such as Sir Richard Branson, Sean Combs, Jane Seymour, John Travolta, and Halle Berry.

Shortly after founding the City Gala, Long executive produced the Novus Summit at the United Nations that featured speakers and a theme of how innovation and technology are moving forward against today’s global grand challenges.

Ryan is also the founder of City Summit. An organization that assists entrepreneurs in building and growing their business, which has been referred to as a “world-class, socially conscious business acceleration experience.”

To listen to the full episode: https://soundcloud.com/user-76630675/03-from-welfare-to-philanthropist

Ryan and his organizations can be found here:
http:// https://www.citygala.org/
they can also be found on Instagram

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